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Affinity - mouse behavior -tablet...

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I do not know, i guess there is ALLWAYS a "MOUSE" bug  inside AP... (which also happens with real mouse): If you click eg. a macro in the library... sometimes it runs, sometimes not... and than this "nesting/clipping...." sometimes its easy (you get vertical- or "horizontal"-nesting ... sometimes not...).

THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS WITH (magic)-mouse, and even this is nasty.


But really NASTY it will become with a tablet/pen: Its extremly "HARD" to ONLY select/cctivate a layer, or "press a button" in the context-bar... in 80% i just "tip" with my pen its interpret as "none" or its interpreted as press and move (=nesting this layer).... I do not know, same pressure, same "quiet" ("no" movement) press... But in 80% normal pRESS the layer will not selected, but the smallest, smallest "move" will  nested into another one. 


For brushes its really curios, or visible what i mean: With a mosue clear, i select the brush (its light up) and the brush-edit-window will take this brush. With the pen sometimes (very often) the brush- panel is refresehd (another highlight) ...but neither this brush is (real) taken, nor the "floating preset" panel is refreshed. IT seems that there are SOME "mosue-pressure" doese just different things. Of course, with a mouse you will not see (its ALLWAYS the same "pressure") but with a pen you get this, eg. the "pressure" pseudo-select another brush (get highlighted) BUT neither the output nor the "preset-box" get changed! 


This seems to be a structure-bug (as said, it even happen with mouse only... sometimes a macro will run after first click, sometimes you need more clicks....) and with a PEN its really frustrating and confusing: THE brush-panel shows you another brush, but its not REALLY selected... or you "nest" a layer instead just activate.... Is this just XP_Pen or does other pencils/tablets have the same issues????? 



BTW: If there is a shortcut i would prefer for my prominent stick-button(s) : Its pressure on/off!. But i didnt found an entry in the preferences... so i allways have to move my stick... and then i mostly move the whole app, before "pressure" enough to get this button active.


There seems to be no "After-PRESSURE" like in the canvas.... the pen as "mouse" needs a hard initial-pressure WITHOUT ABSLUT no "movement" - otherwise you do not "active" layer, but instead you will "move/nest" it... This "movement" seems to need not so much pressure... I guess its a GENERAL BUG as said a similiar Strangeness happens, when clicking with the mouse a macro in the library... sometimes it runs, sometimes not... pure random...) 


OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on!

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Hey Polygonius,

I'm trying to track down an XP-Pen. I thought we had one readily available but that doesn't appear to be the case. I will endeavour to reproduce the issues you've raised so we can pass it to the developers.


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Thankyou Chris,

i found the reason: Its an app-concept-(miss)behavior: MOSTLY AP-GUI-elements (layers, brushes, color-swatches...) do not react on mouse-click, they first react after releasing the mouse. With xp-pen i must the pen bring "lift-up" from the tablet. So it was my fault, but your strange concept :-)

And if you are a beginner, not really familiar with your pen... you more nest a layer, then just "activate" it.... 

In Krita for example, the mosue/UI-elements behavior is more naturell: the elements already react by clicking! I do not know why Serif has this "active fisrt after releasing the mouse" behavior, i do not see any advantage, just disadvantages. (well, you can nest/un-nest a layer without activating it, but the disadvantages are in the majority).

Even with regular mouse, sometimes you need to click/release several times to start a macro or select a brush.... It would be really nice, if there where an option that already a click (press down) is "starting" the action. 

OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on!

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