Hello, i'm just trying out Affinity Photo and like it very much so far. But i encountered a strange problem for which i don't have an explanation. Here is what i did:  1. In Capture One 11 i chose "Edit with" for one of my Sony Raw files (ARW). In the popup i chose Format: PSD 16bit, ICC Profile: AdobeRGB(1998) Open with: Affinity Photo 2. On click Capture One creates an psd file and the picture opens in Affinity Photo But the colors look different as in CaptureOne. Actually the colors look a lot like when i export the same picture as sRGB jpeg and open it e.g. in xnview. 3. The strange thing is: If i now assign the sRGB ICC profile in Affinity Photo (Document --> Assign ICC profile) to the picture it looks correct (as with AdobeRGB in Capture One and Xnview). See attached images. Image All_AdobeRGB (First picture): The same image displayed by Capture One, Xnview and Affinity Photo with the embedded ICC profile information AdobeRGB. You can clearly see that the colors in Affinity Photo are different to the two other programs. Image sRGB_assigned_in_Affinity (Second Picture): The same image displayed by Capture One and Xnview with the embedded ICC profile information AdobeRGB. And the same image displayes by Affinity Photo with the sRGB color profile assigned. Now all three look more or less the same. Very strange for me. OS: Win10 Pro Does someone have an explanation?