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A duplicated textured brush stroke will not shed it's stroke

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See the screen share:



- Basic brushes work as expected (i.e. you can remove the stroke on duplicated strokes). The problem just seems to be on textured brushes. Whether the inbuilt ones or ones I have made myself. 

- It doesn't seem to matter how you duplicate the stroke - Holding ALT and dragging  /  CMD + J to duplicate the layer / a simple copy and paste - all subsequent strokes will result in being unable to shed the line.


I'm trying to stay objective especially in the bugs forum but this is the third bug today and this one in particular is a massive blow to production workflow - Can you say if these will be fixed in the 1.7 beta?

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Hi rnbutler87,
You are simply removing the stroke's colour from the stroke. Since by default the stroke's colour is black you are not seeing any difference when you set the stroke's colour to None. To remove the stroke entirely go to the Stroke panel (or click the stroke width dropdown in the context toolbar) and set it to None.

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