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[By Design] Strokes in a clipping mask do not scale with the group

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Hi @rnbutler87,

That is not a bug. The group adjustments will stop at the clipping/masking hierarchy. We have designed it this way as it's got more use where you only want to change the parent, but not the clipped objects. 

If you have a real work example of where this would be used (changing the stroke inside a clipped object) I can move this to our feature requests. 



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I do have a real world example. Amongst other things I'm a character designer and have used Photoshop and Illustrator for over a decade to produce production artwork for major TV networks. I'm trying to move over to Affinity products for various reasons.

In brief, if I'm drawing a character (the Pig character) that has spots on it's back, those spots need to dynamically move across the body, depending on the angle, without having to be redrawn every single time. For example, a back view, the spots would be visible in their entirety (i.e. full circles), for a 3/4 view, 3/4 of the circle needs to be visible, and from the side obviously only half the circle needs to be visible. (And various other subtle angles in between). 

At the same time, the artwork needs to have dynamic stroke widths. For example the artwork is used in marketing and promotional material. Also, they appear with other characters of different sizes and different scenes at different scales. So the stroke thickness of the characters needs to be dynamic - hence why vector artwork is used.

With all this in mind, it's much more efficient to work with complete internal shape designs (e.g spots, clothes, patterns, facial features etc) that are clipped inside parent shapes (e.g. heads / body shapes) which can be moved around, masked by the parent, to create different poses quickly on the fly (looking up, down, left right, twisting left right etc, numberless poses, all quite subtle - the jargon is 2.5D) but without having to redraw these internal shapes every time.

This is currently not possible in Affinity Designer. This is because the clipped artwork stroke weight does not change with the group as a whole. The only way to do it is to just clip the fill and redraw the stroke every time, outside of any clipping masks. For characters that needs lots of overt and subtle poses and body angles, redrawing all the internal shapes every time is hugely inefficient.


Hopefully this is clear. I will try get time to show you an example of what I mean. Please let me know if you would like clarification on the above.


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