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I am working on a pet project using Publisher, and this is more of a question than a bug report. When doing the layout of the text in a box, I am currently using some SVGs as symbols for dice in a game. These are set up as assets for this document. So the text is typed in then I make space for the SVGs. There are some questions though as to how I can make this faster or improve the workflow. So here we go.
Can you make colored glyphs and load them in the glyph browser?
If not then?
Is there a way to embed or have the glyphs "locked" to the same layer as the text so that when moving a text box, the text and SVGs move together?

Also, is there a more natural way to ensure that the SVGs and the text are better aligned horizontally? 

Text and SVG.png

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If it's "more of a question" then perhaps it belongs in Discussions and suggestions for Affinity Publisher on desktop instead :)

However, to try to answer your questions:

  1. I'm not aware of a way you can add more glyphs to Publisher, other than by installing additional fonts.
  2. If you use actual glyphs, from the Glyphs studio panel, they are automatically part of the text object, just like any other text character you type. So they're automatically "locked" in place and flow with the text. However, if you simply place an image (e.g., a .svg file) on top of your text frame, no, you can't lock it in place with the text. (That's a feature that's been requested.)

-- Walt

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Just to add to what Walt said above, there's a long thread pinned at the top of the Discussions forum regarding "inline graphics" which is what I think you are asking for.

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