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Symbol attributes become unlinked in unexpected ways...

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I have a symbol (some eyes) that when the parent symbol is selected, I can manipulate the stroke width of the constituent parts of the symbol using the slider of the stroke window. No problem.

However, as soon as i put that symbol into a group (the body, lets say) and then select the group and manipulate the stroke width of the whole group, the symbol stroke attribute becomes unlinked.

This seems odd and unexpected, especially if I continue to manipulate the symbol in some way, the program often crashes, making me think that this isn't expected behaviour.

I have attached the file, hopefully it's contents and what I am trying to do are self explanatory. 

Let me know if you need any further information from.

Thanks, Richard


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Hi thanks for the reply. Here is a link to a screen recording:


If I do not duplicate the symbol first before moving it into the body group, attributes do not become unlinked. However, if, as demonstrated in the video, I duplicate the symbol first before moving it into the group and then adjust the stroke width, then the symbol attributes become unlinked. (I've attached an updated version of the file with global colours added - (I read another comment on a similar subject that was occurring with objects that had global colours. Whether that matters or not I don't know but here is the updated file anyway.)

On a general note, symbols do seem a little unstable as I've found that general manipulation of them results in AD crashing more so than when doing anything else. And other strange things like if I want to amend a symbol (in this case e.g. lets say I want to draw some eyelashes in the eye symbol and move them into the eye group, they immediately have unlinked attributes which I can't do anything about.)

Anyway, hope this helps and am eager to hear your thoughts.



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