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Doc Ricky

Reducing colors

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I am trying to figure out how to use Affinity Photo to intelligently reduce the number of colors in an image. So, for example, if I were to go from a regular 24-bit image down to an 8-bit, or even 4 bit, what's the most optimal way to do it, while maintaining as much of the fidelity of the original image as possible. Ideally, I'd like to have each color now as separate layers (akin to channels, but I don't need the shades of each channel - the layers will be 1-bit images). Anyone done this before? What I can find online seems to point to using a different program...


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I used to do that a lot (so certainly not intelligently ;)in Photoshop for commercial T-shirt printing. Sometimes 12 or more spot colours.

To be honest, that’s the one job I would certainly not fancy tackling in Affinity Photo (and definitely not iPad) due to lack of decent channel support.

I could do if necessary, but it would be hard work :(

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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