Hello, I found a compatibility problem with OneDrive on two PC's too. When open a picture in AP, and edit, but result save with a different name (like picture1.png), and close picture and program too, Onedrive cannot sync to cloud. I tried restart Explorer and Onedrive too, but sync not working for folder where I have modified picture, and maybe project too. After restart Windows sync working. Possible a lock file or other flag from Affinity what block onedrive sync? I tested on 2 PC what have different places az IP's.   Here is my example steps: - open a picture from OneDrive folder in AP - cut out anything with mask - save project to same folder from where opened picture (Onedrive folder). Name is anything. - export result with different name same folder where your saved project. - close all and will see Onedrive cannot sync saved result or your project.   Please check this!