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Onedrive sync problem

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I found a compatibility problem with OneDrive on two PC's too.

When open a picture in AP, and edit, but result save with a different name (like picture1.png), and close picture and program too, Onedrive cannot sync to cloud.

I tried restart Explorer and Onedrive too, but sync not working for folder where I have modified picture, and maybe project too. After restart Windows sync working.

Possible a lock file or other flag from Affinity what block onedrive sync?

I tested on 2 PC what have different places az IP's.


Here is my example steps:

- open a picture from OneDrive folder in AP

- cut out anything with mask

- save project to same folder from where opened picture (Onedrive folder). Name is anything.

- export result with different name same folder where your saved project.

- close all and will see Onedrive cannot sync saved result or your project.


Please check this!

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I see this line in beta:

"Documents are no longer closed when a network drive disconnects (prevents loss of work on transient connection errors) "

but no helped for Onedrive sync. :/:(

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I think the problem is a bit more serious. Affinity Designer for Windows breaks (on my machine) folder syncing completely until reboot. These are the steps to reproduce:

1. Create a test folder in OneDrive.

2. Create a simple test file, like test.txt, write something inside, save it. The file syncs as usual.

3. Create a new file with AD, draw something, save it to the test folder.

4. At this point, on my device the sync of the test folder is broken. If I change the test.txt file it doesn't sync anymore, and any other file created by any program in this folder or copied from other folder doesn't sync. OneDrive stuck with 'processing changes' message (while other folders still being synced without issues). The only solution (I found) is to reboot the PC. Closing the .afdesign file, closing AD itself, detaching/reattaching folder from/to OneDrive sync list, signing out of OneDrive doesn't work. == AD / Windows 10 1809.

Oh yes, absolutely no issues with Dropbox.

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Hmmm... I've followed your steps: But it works fine at my end here. Maybe it is a problem specific to your OneDrive account? Do you have another account to try out?

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I can confirm the OneDrive issue as described: From the moment you use "save as" you kill the sync for the folder and all subfolders. I had a session with the MS OneDrive support and it IS a real issue.

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