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Where have the Gutter settings for grids gone?

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Windows 10 Home 1809, Designer

In 1.6.5 there is an option to set a gutter between grid divisions - very useful for laying out a set of grids on one page/artboard, e.g. for icon design - but they seem to be missing from
Attached is a snapshot from both 1.6.5 - with gutter - and 1.7.0 - without gutter.
I've tried various things in 1.7.0 but I can't seem to get the gutter options to appear.
The only mention of gutters in the 1.7.0 Help is for column guides.
However, if I create a document with gutters in 1.6.5 they are still evident when I load the document into 1.7.0 and they can be altered.
Are they deliberately missing for new 1.7.0-created documents - and if so, why - or have they gone accidentally missing, or have I not used the correct options?



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Hi GarryP,

They've been intentionally removed as they've been replaced with the Column Guides option in the Guides Manager dialog. Is there anything you could previously achieve using Gutters that you can't with Column Guides?


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I find them very useful when experimenting with icon design, where each grid division is its own 'mini artboard'.

Here's my workflow:
* Create document with artboard, any size will do;
* Set-up grid with gutters;
* Create background rectangle, colour it and lock it;
* Draw icons, one to a division, nicely spaced out;
* When I need more space, expand artboard and background rectangle; grid automatically expands;
* When I need to see the icons against a different background, change the background rectangle colour;

If instead I had to use column guides - within a single artboard - I:
* Would have to create a square document, otherwise the column/row guides would not be square;
* Would not be able to easily add extra 'mini artboards' because expanding the artboard would stretch the column guides;
And using multiple artboards has its own disadvantages too.

I tried some experimentation and it was a little bit awkward to get the column guides and the grid to play nicely together. I had to do some calculations to make sure that the grid conformed with the column/row guide edges. Not an impossible task by any means but it requires more forethought than the old way.

By way of example, to have a 10x10 grid of 48x48px 'mini grids' with an 8px gutter I had to:
* create a document with dimensions of (48*10)+(8*9)px;
* create 10 column guides and 10 row guides with 8px gutters;
* create a grid with a spacing of 56px (48+8 gutter) and 56 (48+8 gutter) divisions (and remember to ignore the last 8 divisions).
Not the easiest thing to do but certainly possible.

I could well be doing things the most awkward way but it was simply quicker the old way for whacking some ideas down. If the new way is just how it is and/or I'm the only person who misses the old way then that's something I can very much live with. Just thought I'd mention it in case it had slipped someone's mind.

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I found if you select the icons preset first then the gutter setting reappears ( see attachments ). I'd like to see this setting reinstated permanently as it was before.



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Ah, I see, that's very useful, thanks.
(I notice that the document has to have Pixels as the Document Units before you can access the Pixel-based Presets - as defined in the "Manage Presets" dialog - but that's fairly obvious once you think about it.)

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I totally agree with GarryP! Working with gutters in a grid was quicker and far more intuitive. Now you need nearly high math to set an equivalent document to the "old gutter style".

Please, give the gutters back!

BTW, if you open pre-1.7 document with gutters set they work well, so where is the problem? The code is still there, only gutter setting is hidden...

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I see the preset with the gutter setting has now been removed so my workaround no longer works. Such a shame. This was such a simple and useful way to create a workspace for designing multiple icons or logos within a single artboard. The column guides are great, but they're no substitute for the old gutter setting. Wish this could be restored.

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