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Bear Forester

Raw develop bug with multiple cameras

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Hello, I keep having the same raw develop bug previously mentioned by several other people (but apparently not yet fixed) where a raw photo splits into two identical photos when I open a photo in the raw develop persona. It is not possible to edit it at all. This doesn't happen with jpgs and seems mostly (or maybe only) to happen when using the Apple Raw engine instead of the serif raw engine. I didn't have these issues with raw files while using Affinity photo in the past.

This has happened with raw files from two separate cameras -- Sony RX100 m3 and Olympus Pen F

Using a late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch on Mac os Mojave. 8gb RAM, 2.4 gz intel core i5 processor, graphics are intel iris 1536 mb

Please help. I bought Affinity Photo so that I could use it with raw and jpeg files, not just jpegs. 

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Hi Bear Forester,
Can you please download the latest Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( and check if the RAW files now load correctly for you when using the Apple (Core Image RAW) engine? This issue should now be fixed in this build. Let us know if the RAW's still don't load correctly for you. Thanks.

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