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Adobe Illustrator cc.app -VS- Affinity Designer.app

Adobe Photoshop cc.app -VS- Affinity Photo.app

How about

Animate cc.app -VS- ?.app new one app for Mac, Windows, and iPad Pro?

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I'm not really sure I understand what you're after. @Alfred's link shows you the section. If you want to access this thread directly, you can use this link, or copy the URL from your browser. 


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I was confused english. Now I am going put icon there and last one without icon that mean we don't know to get new feature for animation program.

I give you example this below.


Adobe Illustrator.app = download.png.76fd76572865d82f9fa33a258e1c9bcf.png

Adobe Photoshopapp = download.jpg.66d369e6a7986532fbb576e09df8612c.jpg

Adobe Animate.app = download-1.png.f96050ddda3376e49ed93a3712ce3a9e.png


Affinity Designer.app = download.jpg.2473de93d059dc3976354211b486f90f.jpg  

Affinity Photos.app = download-1.jpg.4305b82a832d0b847838c039d30b1f48.jpg 

Affinity Animation.app = ? icon just add feature.

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The market is saturated with excellent animation applications.

Just a few production-ready alternatives for Animate CC (in no particular order):

OpenToonz, CelAction2D, Moho Pro, ToonBoom Harmony, TVPaint, After Effects, Fusion/Nuke, Blender (with Grease Pencil animation)... And these are only the start, with many lower-level apps out there, as well as 3d animation software which can also be used for 2d animation (Maya, etc.).

Tough market to compete and survive in. Serif probably feels the same, and is not planning a dedicated animation app.



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