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Photoshop export: hidden layers are empty in PSD

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I am using PSD format for exchanging images and with latest beta found a bug in PSD export: In resulted PSD all layers, that are HIDDEN in original AP file - all of them are completely empty. They are here, they are named properly and stay on right hierarchy place - but fully transparent, no pixels in them.


Layer, that was visible in original AP file are exported as usual, with all pixels


This happens with all 3 PSD export presets

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I can confirm this, but from ClipStudio too. I was working on an illustration. Exported my line art with all flat colour fills. Saved a psd file from Clip Studio EX to Affinity Photo beta All line art and flat fills were hidden on importing and opened in Affinity for some editing. They were hidden again before export. 

When I opened my psd file back in Clip Studio everything hidden was gone.


If I make the export in a hidden group containing all layers inside the group visible, the layers are not gone, they remain. It seems like just hidden layers are empty, not hidden groups. 


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This bug still exists as of 7/3/2019. When I load a photoshop 2018 file in Affinity Photo, the hidden (unchecked) layers are there and everything looks good. When I then export the same file back out to PSD format (Preset: PSD Preserve Accuracy), the hidden (unchecked) layers don't get saved. I've verified this by loading the file in Photoshop 2018.

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