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Mark Oehlschlager

Moving Objects up/down Many Layers Efficiently

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Suppose you're working on a complicated AF Designer file with scores of layers. Suppose that you have an object buried in a sub-layer with 30 other objects, and you want to move it out of that sub-layer and into the sub-layer of a different parent layer. 

Is there a way to move objects within a large layer structure without having to go through the cumbersome process of drag-scrolling the object through 30+ object layers?

In Adobe Illustrator, a selected object will reveal a colored dot on it's layer as well as on it's parent layer in the Layer Panel. This colored dot can then be dragged into a different parent layer in the layer stack, and thus move the object within the layer stack. That's Adobe's solution to the problem.

Can Affinity add a similar feature? 

Is there a better solution to the problem?

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Here are a few illustrations from the Adobe method described above:

1) Green circle is selected on artboard. 

2) Corresponding colored dot occurs on the object's layer and it's parent layer in the Layers Panel

3) Dot can be dragged from one parent layer to another.




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1 hour ago, Mark Oehlschlager said:

Is there a better solution to the problem?

1. Cut the object.

2. In the Layer Studio, select the object / layer above which you want to relocate the original object to.

3. Paste the original object.

AD will place the object above the object/layer you selected in the Layer Stack. 

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