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Color Toggles don't save between new files

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I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug. But the color toggles don't inherit from one file to another. Also eyedropper requires you to open the other file, which results in the color not eyedropping in the correct file.

Edit: One workaround is to make a swatch table with the colors you need. Something I never used in Photoshop, but I guess the best option with the current workflow in Affinity.

I made a video to demonstrate the bug\ feature. It's a bit of a time killer because if I have 10 files that use the same colors, I need to do alot of eye dropping over and over to get the colors I need.



Thank you

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Hi @Gackt,

This is not a bug but a feature requests. All the tools are file(document) specific. If you switch between opened files, it will not inherit anything from the other one. 



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Oh thanks for letting me know. It'd be great if there was a preference toggle, to be able to keep the inheritance for the users that need it. I personally need to inherit values between files. I'm making videogame textures, so I often use the same colors across different files. Having the color toggle reset is frustrating... The eyedropper doesn't work well at the moment too. :(

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