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Freezing issue(scroll in font dialog box)

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I have a problem using Korean in your software. I am using both PC version Affinity photo and designer, and both products have same freezing problem when I scroll in the font dialog box.

This problem was reported by another Korean long time ago, but it has not been fixed even in the latest  beta version.

Please don't tell me to find problematic fonts because I don't have any problem in other programs. And there is a replaceable software even it's not as good as Affinity series.

It's a critical bug. Koreans can not use Affinity photo & designer. I hope you solve this problem soon.

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Hi @Maninweb,

We are aware of some issues with Korean fonts causing the app to freeze/crash and this has already been logged with our developers. 

I'm afraid that for the meantime, the only option would be to go through the Korean fonts and, disable them one by one and see which one is causing the crash. Sorry :(



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