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[Fixed] False colors from Lightroom to AF

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Hello everyone, I have been looking for some time but I can not find the solution. I explain myself, I use Lightroom to treat my photos in a basic way and then import them into Af for all that is sharpness, defects etc ... I noticed color differences between the two programs, my colors are warmer and more saturated in Af.

would anyone have had this problem before?

Capture Affinity.JPG

Capture Lightroom.JPG

Capture reglages lightroom.JPG

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@Ericvv Did you buy Affinity Photo and have the possibility to try the 1.7 beta?

This thread looks a bit similar. Even if there it is stated that the file didn't have any color profile it might be worth a shot to see if it is fixed in the 1.7 beta.


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