Thanks Both, It would be good if Affinity could tweak things so that APh opens things the same as other software,  when a file doesn't have a colour profile. The original image came from a Multi-Pass output from Cinema 4D (with photoshop layers). So it has separate Shadows, Reflections,  Diffusion layers that I can adjust Post-Render. I notice on Cinema4D that the Regular (single Layer) Image has the option for an Image Colour Profile (which is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1) and the Multi-Pass doesn't. Possibly because it contains lots of different layers (including some greyscale layers) that make up the final image ? In Photoshop, the result of the Multi-Pass image looks the same as the Regular File, in APh it doesn't. Most of the images I work on are Multi-Passes, so they kind of need to work in the same way as opening them in Photoshop, Graphic Converter, Preview and probably many other apps. Not least because if a client sends me an image without a profile that looks the same on their computer and most other apps, If I edit and return a darker image after it's been in APh, they'll want to know what the problem is.   Thanks Carl123...  I'll give Beta 1.7 a try, I hope it's something they are looking into. :-)