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Images opening very dark - Is it a Colour Profile Issue ?

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I've been using Affinity Photo for a while now and love it, it's almost completely replaced Photoshop as my main photo editing App. The problem I'm having, and determined to get sorted, is after exporting a TIFF or PSD document from Cinema 4D, when I open it in Photoshop, it looks fine. However opening it in Affinity Photo, it appears very dark (see attached screenshots).

It also pops up with the message Affinity Assigned your working Profile xxxxx to this unprofiled document. (xxxx denoting different profiles I've set in Affinity's preferences)

I've tried changing my working profile to several different settings including RGB/16 -sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and Adobe (1998) , with no noticeable difference.

Is there something I need to do in Affinity to make the colours look the same as the original ? I've also tried Assigning different Profiles after the image has loaded, but that doesn't seem to do anything either.

If I can get this sorted, then I can switch 100% to Affinity :-)



Image Comparison.jpg

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Hi Lee,

Thanks for your quick reply,

Couldn't find a way to send an attachment via PM :-)

Here is a small Tiff image I've saved directly from Photoshop.

If opened in Photoshop, Cinema 4D's Picture Viewer (just to try different software) or even Mac's standard Preview app, the image is a lot brighter than when opened in Affinity Photo.

I'm just wondering if I've got an import setting set incorrectly.

Best Regards


Sample Tiff Image from Photoshop.tif

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Yes I can reproduce that behavior here on my Mac with APh. - That image hasn't as default a assigned profile and when APh assigns the default sRGB one this image get's darkened, only the Apple RGB makes it slightly lighter but not in same manner as it's shown up as default in Preview.app or GraphicsConverter etc.

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.6 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.6 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.6 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2 apps still not installed and thus momentary not in use under MacOS

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Thanks Both,

It would be good if Affinity could tweak things so that APh opens things the same as other software,  when a file doesn't have a colour profile.

The original image came from a Multi-Pass output from Cinema 4D (with photoshop layers). So it has separate Shadows, Reflections,  Diffusion layers that I can adjust Post-Render.

I notice on Cinema4D that the Regular (single Layer) Image has the option for an Image Colour Profile (which is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1) and the Multi-Pass doesn't. Possibly because it contains lots of different layers (including some greyscale layers) that make up the final image ? In Photoshop, the result of the Multi-Pass image looks the same as the Regular File, in APh it doesn't.

Most of the images I work on are Multi-Passes, so they kind of need to work in the same way as opening them in Photoshop, Graphic Converter, Preview and probably many other apps. Not least because if a client sends me an image without a profile that looks the same on their computer and most other apps, If I edit and return a darker image after it's been in APh, they'll want to know what the problem is.


Thanks Carl123...  I'll give Beta 1.7 a try, I hope it's something they are looking into. :-)


Cinema 4D Render Settings - No Colour Profile Option

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I think Carl123 is right.... Beta 1.7 seems to solve the issue :-)

Thanks Carl, Thanks everyone who's checked my post, and thanks Affinity for anticipating my problem and fixing it in the next release :-)


Problem Solved

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Sorry to resurrect this, but there is also a problem when working with greyscale images that have no profile assigned.

Aff Photo 1.8.1 darkens the image and assigns the working profile, in this case Greyscale D50. I you open the image in PS it's fine. When you save the file in PS with the working profile and open in Aff Photo, then it is fine also. Looks like this issue has been fixed in later versions when working with colour, but not grey?

Thanks, Kev

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I have got the same problem with Affinity photo. Since the last update the images  are really dark when I open them. Before the update it was nice and bright  all of them, now the same images are looking darker. Even with the processed image looking a bit dark the result. Probably something went wrong with  the last update. I uninstalled the program and later downloaded again but it did not worked. I'm working with Win10. The images are checked with Capture NXD. They are really nice there. 

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I have the same problem here just now! Was working on about 20 pictures all morning and all went as usually, normal but it changed suddenly between 2 pictures!  The next I opened was so dark!!!  And

now, all the ones I worked on all morning are all darker!  I haven't touched or changed anything between them!


The 2 first pictures are when I open the same picture with Luminar and with the regular Windows viewer, they're just fine

but the last one is when opened with Affinity!!!  We almost lost the bird!  Solutions?

I uninstalled Affinity and reinstalled it but changed nothing.  Yesterday, I changed the brightness of my screen a bit darker but it's my screen

and I can't see the result right away and it's not that (I went from 30 to 21 for the brightness) but I reput it back to 30 this morning and

of course, it doesn't change anything for the Affinity problem.




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It looks like this bug / anomaly comes and goes with different versions. Perhaps affinity need to have a series of test images that are opened during the quality control process, to make sure the bug doesn’t creep back in to a new release.

I’ve also recently had problems with 16 bit Tif grayscale images having severe banding issues. I hope Affinity can concentrate more effort on quality control, because as a pro app that needs to be consistent with all releases.

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