I've created an illustration on the iPad, using brush ink pen strokes. When I wanted to expand the strokes, nothing happened (Maybe it is a good idea to tell a user what didn't work and why, could save him a few Google trips). So I tried to export the design to work on it with Illustrator. To my surprise in the PDF, SVG, EPS exports the strokes were expanded, but in the crudest way possible — straight paths aren't straight, rounded endings cut off, but best of all, the brush stroke applied to them was not the ink pen I used, but a simple monoline stroke. So at this point I'm only trying get to the actual paths/brush strokes to work on it in Illustrator. Surely, I thought, AD on the desktop will be able to help here. Opened up the iPad file, ink pen is gone. Ok, no matter, just give me those strokes — copied to Illustrator: they are rasterized. Exported to EPS: rasterized again. Unchecked anything remotely related to rasterizing: yeah, good old expanded monoline strokes. I applied the most basic pen stroke to all brush strokes, they still come out as expanded.  Is there any way to get those paths? How would I get the artwork to a printer? None of the export options is remotely adequate to send to print. Are they just extremely poor, or am I overlooking something basic? I'm on a deadline and would blow it, if I had to recreate the artwork.