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how to optical alignement

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I´ve got another Question.

I reconstruct a pdf file comming from indesign, imported it and try to reconstruct it in painter...

on thing i would like to do is align my Word  "  Büroprofil "   to the guide, but also to align the first letter exactly to the guide too...   this is optical alignment right ? 

How do i do this , is this even possible with my font ?   Agfa Rotis Sans Serif ?    

anyone can help?

optical alignement.JPG

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Optical alignment applies only to selected characters displayed in the lower part of the text style panel in your screen grab. You can add there "B" if you wish and align it flush to left of the frame... but you end adjusting all characters to make even visual alignment. Probably not worth the trouble.

In InDesign you could kern characters flush to frame (and beyond) but Publisher does not allow it. Here if you have short separate texts you can of course move the frames.

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Ok thanks..

I think ill have to keep it simple..  if i cant do it in any style for all coming cases ,   i will ignore it..     This will be a Template for my company architects..   everything that is more but two klicks is by far to complicated..  and would go wrong...

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If that word is static you could try converting to curves then snapping it to the guide, but you will lose hinting from the font and that could reduce quality.

Alternatively, again if it is static, you could not snap it to the guide but zoom in and line it up visually.

If it is not static, then those options probably won't help much.

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