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Improvements for Game Art (Video)

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As a game artist myself who tried to get rid of Photoshop and use Affinity photo instead  for a half  of an year and  then  eventually had to switch back I would say we need APhoto to be on same  level of non -destructiveness  plus some channel RGBA packing  in the end.

To be non-destructive   APhoto needs  Photoshop  "group clipping"  or any other way to have live computed masks being formula, node network or its own "mask stack" based.   Plus independent transform links  like those chain marks in PShop   so we could do height based  tricks  locking  transforms of instances of embedded layers inserted within different groups.      It could be actually much more elegant and easier to work with than in Photoshop.

I don't believe  Serif could  do anything close to Substance Painter + UDIM support . It will take them years.    And moreover they shouldn't imo . I hate Substance Painter anyway.   But  I do believe  few touches here and there could do APhoto very useful  in gamedev beyond that of Photoshop at least.

For example   patch tool that would allow to  mirror the patch.      Height to normal map live filter.     A bit more advanced procedural noise generators.    Maybe Filter forge filters staying live in the document .     A loop based pixel shift as a  live layer   like slope blur in Substance Designer.   Some in-between layers live  dependencies  like normalmap vector based  directional shift/warp


Also Artomatix styled     "inpaint"/ color aware fill   working  in color and height layers  pair  in sync  would be a revolutionary  tool for game art .    Such a feature along could make the soft super popular.

Also I would rather prefer they do Afinity Designer  useful  for game art.   Having brush strokes always editable. Scattering gazillion of small bitmap decals along vector splines  would have so much more potential than typical pixel paint.      But unfortunately A Designer is so much behind Xara or old Expression in that regard I doubt it would ever happen.  

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2 hours ago, mzone3d said:

If you guys wanted to generate normal maps...

You are able to convert height to normals, and normals to AO etc
using the Xnormal Plugin which works in Affinity photo.

Heres how to install photoshop plugins in A-Photo..
https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Filters/plugins.html?title=Using Plugins

Nowdays It should be  "live" effect really   converting depth into normal map with intensity adjuster and allowing to compose  things on the fly  starting form height info only.    The same way  Gradient is used by everyone  for converting height maps into roughness or color  channels .        It's not that calculative expensive  at all.




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