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Nearest Neighbour Option For Move Tool Scaling and Layer Merging

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I have been using affinity for a month now, and it is brilliant when it comes to art and photo editing. However, I encountered the lack of a very important feature when it comes to pixel art. When scaling a selection using the move tool (which is something I do all the time), the image is by default scaled using the bilinear algorithm, however, bilinear produces horrible results for pixel art (everything gets blurred out). Thus, I would like to request the option to select the nearest neighbor algorithm for scaling using the move tool. The only workaround is exporting the pixel art to a separate document and scaling that, however, this is incredibly inconvenient considering I scale objects all the time. Additionally, merging layers (down and visible) results into blur as well. I assume this happens because once again bilinear is used when merging. To wrap up, I would be really happy if you added an option to select the scaling algorithm for the move tool and layer menu. Thank you!

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