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Hey everyone, glad to be part of this community! I just started using affinity photo on my iPad Pro. I simply want to crop an image to a custom size ratio (eg. 1x1) and add a frame to it. Right now I crop the image first and then I change the canvas size and add a new layer to create the canvas but...

  1. I am not able to anchor the crop tool to the borders of the image
  2. When I crop the image, the uncropped part remains underneath and I cannot create the framing all around it
  3. Setting the canvas size is quite a mess

I would really appreciate everyone's help :)


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Hi Alchenick,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. Tap the document icon on the top left of the interface and select Snapping - make sure it's enabled (left column on top) and that on the right column Snap to spread is also enabled. Then select the Crop Tool (the crop frame should have the document's dimensions), change from unconstrained to Custom Ration in the dropdown in the context toolbar on bottom and insert 1x1 in the fields on the right. The crop frame should now be a square centered in the middle of the image. Drag it to the left or right to align it to the document's boundaries (assuming that's what you intended to do). Tap the small arrow in the context toolbar on bottom to complete/perform the crop.

NOTE that currently the snapping only works when you move the crop frame. It doesn't work while you transform (scale) it. I'm checking if we already have this logged and will do it in case it's not.

2. The crop in non-destructive in Affinity apps in case you change your ideas and decide to readjust it. To get rid of the cropped parts (so you can resize the canvas without them interfering), open the Layers Studio, make sure the correct layer/image is selected then tap the second icon below the Layers header on the top of the panel and select Rasterise. The cropped parts are now gone. If you resize the canvas it should now create the margins around all edges as expected (assuming the Anchor was set to Middle Centre.

3. The controls are a little "messy" due to the touch interface impositions. Hopefully we will be improving it as development moves forward.

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