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I am making a font, Ligatures and Alternates, for use with Affinity Publisher.

It is an extension of the Ligature test 3 font that I posted in the forum.


My intention is to publish the font (free).

At present I am using the liga table for some ligatures, but I would like to add some more in a dlig table.

For example, I have c_t and e_t and s_t and the five f ligatures and p_p in liga and am thinking of having a_t and some others is dlig so that the default display is not too 'ligatury' but that the full effect is possible.

This is partly for fun, partly for testing and partly for art. 

Will Affinity Publisher pick those up please?

I note that Text Ligatures has three options, default, none and all.

Could you clarify which tables are in default and which are in all please?

For example, as well as liga and dlig there is hlig for historical ligatures.

William Overington

Saturday 5 January 2019


Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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Here is the font and a test publication made using it. The poem has the word 'at' added into it compared with the earlier version. This is to test the a_t ligature which is included as a discretionary ligature. Two discretionary ligatures are used in the PDF document, one of them twice - some readers might like to try to find them. They can be found from the PDF document without any need to open the font in a font making program. 

The whole poem from the PDF document copies and then pastes into WordPad to show the whole original plain text of the poem, which is just what I want so as to be able to publish text with stylish typography yet from which the underlying plain text can be recovered.

I tried pushing the envelope relating to the c_t ligature in that I have included in the font an alternate glyph for a c_t ligature. I wondered what would happen with ligatures switched on, whether I could then use an alternate glyph for the ligature. It appears that that will not 'go' but the glyph is listed within Affinity Publisher as a glyph variant of the c_t ligature, but I cannot get it to become in the document. Please look, inAffinity Publisher, using Text Show Typography when the ct ligature is selected but please note that standard ligatures need to switched on (which they are by default) in order for the alternate c_t ligature glyph to be dispalyed.

I realize that that was really trying to push the envelope, but as it is recognized by Affinity Publisher, could it be made to work please?


poem_with_ligatures_and_alternates.pdf A poem displayed with both standard and discretionary ligatures and glyph alternates

ligaalts.otf Ligatures and Alternates OpenType font

Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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You've just written the feature incorrectly, William.


Personally, I wouldn't use Salt for this. I also added the change from c_t to c_t.alt1 to the Access All Alternates feature and recompiled the font and it works with the "All Alternates" feature as well.

If you need help with changing features or making your existing feature work properly, post on the HighLogic forum, please.


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Actually, I did uncover an unusual bug in APub when playing around this evening that is directly related. I'll document it in the morning. 

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It would be good if Affinity Publisher could include facilities for handling hist and hlig tables please.



It would need an appropriate font to be used so I am not sure to what extent Adobe Publisher would need to be altered.

For example, the cascaded menus from Text Show Typography and Text Ligatures would need changing to allow for selection of facilities.

Yet I have no idea how much would need to be added or changed within the software so that it all would work

It would be a good addition.

Affinity Publisher is a top class product and it would be good to have such facilities included within it please.

William Overington

Monday 7 January 2019


The above suggestion now has its own thread as well.




Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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