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problem getting iPad software

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Hello: I run photo on my iMac. Now i want to buy and install, iPad version of photo. I tried to follow the steps on the recent offer (discount) of the software. However when directed to go to the App store, I am having problems with Apple and passwords. As your customer, can I buy directly from Affinity, as I did when I bought Phto for the iMac. If so, the software would be run on another computer (iPad, my wifes) with an address of [mail removed].   My address remains the same, [mail removed].

Incidentally, you have special priced the software in $21.99  Canadian dollars in your eMail to me, yet if I go to the App store, its in US Dollars

Cheers Diggs

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Hi Diggs,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Only the desktop versions can be purchased through our store (Affinity Store). The iPad versions/applications (this applies to all applications not just ours) must be purchased through the Mac App Store. There's no stand-alone iPad apps installers as exists for the desktop.

NOTE: I've removed the e-mails from your post for privacy reasons. Avoid posting e-mail, phone numbers or other private information publicly since it can be used to flood you e-mail/phone with spam e-mails/messages and other nefarious purposes.

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Thanks for the info.  Can you comment on the difference between the CDN pricing and the US.???

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