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Hang when selecting vector & adjustment layer

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I discovered a highly reproducible (>75%) and contagious hang in Affinity Publisher Beta


When I simply select a rectangle shape and an HSL adjustment layer, it hangs. Moreover, if I don't force quit AfPub within ~5 seconds, the hang becomes infectious and starts incapacitating one program after another as I hopelessly vie to shackle this MEGALOMANIC Mêе§å (Dock→Force Quit, Activity Monitor, ⌥⌘⎋, etc).

After a hard reboot, in Console.app there are messages like this corresponding to my futile actions:

03/01/2019 23:35:14.733 Finder[326]: [IMKInputSession deactivate] exception caught.
	IMKInputSession:<IMKInputSession: 0x610000717340> -- 
	NSPortTimeoutException : connection timeout: did not receive reply
03/01/2019 23:35:19.735 Finder[326]: [IMKInputSession activate] exception caught.
	IMKInputSession: <IMKInputSession: 0x608000103ba0> -- 
	NSPortTimeoutException : connection timeout: did not receive reply
03/01/2019 23:35:19.756 WindowServer[125]: common_reenable_update: UI updates were finally reenabled by application "Finder" after 10.21 seconds (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds)
03/01/2019 23:35:20.777 WindowServer[125]: disable_update_timeout: UI updates were forcibly disabled by application "Finder" for over 1.00 seconds. Server has re-enabled them.
03/01/2019 23:35:31.000 kernel[0]: process Affinity Publish[12334] thread 109557 caught burning CPU! It used more than 50% CPU (Actual recent usage: 99%) over 180 seconds. thread lifetime cpu usage 96.897237 seconds, (96.596742 user, 0.300495 system) ledger info: balance: 90004932433 credit: 96859677815 debit: 6854745382 limit: 90000000000 (50%) period: 180000000000 time since last refill (ns): 90013801987 
03/01/2019 23:35:31.861 ReportCrash[15865]: Invoking spindump for pid=12334 thread=109557 percent_cpu=99 duration=91 because of excessive cpu utilization
03/01/2019 23:35:32.854 spindump[15866]: Error loading dyld shared cache uuid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000: 0x8
03/01/2019 23:35:33.544 spindump[15866]: Saved cpu_resource.spin report for Affinity Publisher Beta version 1.7.0 ( to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-03-233533_Hawks-MBP.cpu_resource.spin
03/01/2019 23:35:34.777 WindowServer[125]: disable_update_likely_unbalanced: UI updates still disabled by application "Finder" after 15.00 seconds (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds). Likely an unbalanced disableUpdate call.
---------- REBOOT ----------

Anywayz, attached are the various diagnostic reports that were generated from several different instances of this crash, as well as a test file – but continue at your own peril.. .  . :71_smiling_imp:

Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-03-230456_Hawks-MBP.wakeups_resource.spin

Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-03-233533_Hawks-MBP.cpu_resource.spin

Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-01-04-000239_Hawks-MBP.hang



MacBook Pro.spx

Complete Affinity suite; Mac 10.9; kbd & mouse; casual user since 2014.

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Hey hawk,

I can't get the crash but I did notice that the Transform panel gets filled with a random mess of numbers. For example:
-179769313486231570814527423731704356798070567525844996598917476803157260780028538760589558632766878171540458953514382464234321326889464182768467546703537516986049910576551282076245490090389328944075868508455133942304583236903222948165808559332123348274797826204144723168738177180919299881250404026184124858368 px

I think this is likely the reason you're seeing the crash. You can get it to appear by the mouse of you select both and try and resize the corner node of the rectangle. 

I will of course log this for you :) 

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