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Dennis Nisbet

Suggestions for Affinity Photo

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Please, my suggestions below are based on my limited experience thus far. I’ve spent about 30 hours looking for ways to reproduce those things which worked well for me in PS. If I mention anything that is already possible, it is only because I haven’t found it in the tutorials and I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how. I’ve been a Photoshop user since PS2.

I am going to keep adding to this list each time I find an issue and cross  those out where there is a solution.


Group 1

1.       When you open an image, the frame for that image is docked. If you pull it away from the docked position, the frame remains the same. I would like to see the frame collapse to the image when it is pulled away from the docked position.

2.       When creating composites, (multiple images on a background), I would like to be able to drag the opened images to be placed and drop instead of copy and paste. Using the PLACE feature looks like a lot of additional work.

3.       I’ve mentioned this before. I work in inches not Pixels as do many designers and Photographers. I really like the ability to make what ever measurement value you like becomes the default.

4.       I’ve written about this before and I think I sent a video. The best way I found to create a shadow for objects (layers in a composite) is to add a second (Duplicate) layer then add a gradient to it and CLIP the Gradient. Photoshop makes it easy. I created an Action, had it made into a Script but you can’t adjust the Gradient. Affinity is a bit more clunky, but you have some control over the gradient until it is clipped. There should be a faster, better way.

Group 2

5.       When the crop tool is used, the image can be displayed in inches, but the Units are in Pixels and cannot be changed. If I use a “created” preset in inches, then the Units change to inches.

6.       There is some issue with the grid positioning between settings. It does not stay aligned.

7.       When you select a preset like 8 X 10, there are no provisions for quickly changing the grid to 10 X 8 and while the size I in inches, the units say pixels.

8.       Program should have both Unconstrained and Constrained that apply to the original image.

9.       Too many steps to remove a Custom Size grid.

10.   When Exporting, the size should be displayed in whatever the user has chosen as the default. I.e. Inches, Pixels, etc.

11.   In PS, the PATCH Tool is a favorite among photographers and anyone else doing retouching. Being able to adjust the amount that PATCH does, up to 100%, is an essential part of the tool. I can’t find an easy way to do this in Affinity Photo.

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