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I have an SVG file with paths on many layers. In some cases the layer paths overlap. I want to remove the overlapping areas. Here is a simple example:

In layer A I have a large red circle. In layer B I have a small blue circle. Both circles are centred at the same point.
In layer A I would like to remove the area which is covered by the blue circle in layer B, so that there is only one colour per layer.
The result would be a red doughnut shape in layer A, and the unchanged small blue circle in layer B, which would fit exactly into the hole in layer A's doughnut.

It's a bit like a screen print, one layer per colour, but with no overlap of the coloured areas.

To achieve this I tried to copy the paths from layer B to layer A, so that I could remove the centre of layer A's circle (it's actually a very complex path, not a circle). This doesn't seem to be possible. Can anyone advise how to do this?


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  1. Duplicate the blue circle layer B and name it C.
  2. Select the red circle layer A and blue circle layer B and perform a subtract operation (from top right toolbar).
  3. Now if you hide layer C you can see that you got the wanted effect, unhide C again.

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Fantastic. I had to change the order of the layers to get it to work, but it's working now.


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