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Hi, i was wondering where can i find Lens Correction profiles for certain lenses, similar to in photoshop, if im shooting with a 50mm canon 1.8 , i can select it to correct certain distortions, i see you can manually correct it but it would be nice if i can select a profile

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This should usually happen automatically when opening and developing a RAW file, since the relevant informations (cam type, lense used etc.) are all inside the EXIF image data. The software usually reads this data and applies the lens corrections, as far as the cam and lens are supported and identified through the by the software used third party libraries for these tasks. - See the related ...

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10 hours ago, thetroubshooter said:

well all of my cameras and lenses are supported acording to these charts but still it doesnt show up

You can't select a profile. It will be applied automatically if:

  • You have "Apply Lens Corrections" selected in the Develop Assistant (View > Assistant Manager... while in the Develop Persona)  and
  • The camera and lens is supported and
  • The camera and lens information specified in the EXIF data is correct (View > Studio > EXIF).

Photo uses exiftool to read the information, and on occasion that may not happen properly.

-- Walt

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