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How to delete Internal Affinity Designer files

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I have a lot of trash files that I would like to delete.  The Help document on files talks about everything but deleting.

What would be the ideal workflow and storage to keep the iPad storage lean?

Thank you.

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@Three The ideal method would be to save a copy elsewhere (on iPad or cloud) and delete from sandbox (project screen) using the 3 bar delete menu. The 3 bar delete menu is unfortunately the only way to delete the apps sandboxed file storage. Yes, one file at a time! Some people have also reported a bug where even after deleting, Affinity still shows the storage occupied. Like many reported bugs, we are still waiting for a solution. There is one other way of releasing the space. Delete the app. Drastic but effective. Save copies of any files you wish to keep. Any sandboxed Files will be deleted with the app.

Being new I will clarify storage on iPad. AP stores your work in sandbox (where only AP can access it. When you use top left arrow the sandbox file is updated. It also auto updates based on Settings in AP. You should always use the Menu to Save or Save a Copy as this creates a xxxx,afphoto file which you can save/backup  anywhere and access at any time. If you access this file using Open from Cloud (not restricted to cloud locations) then you get a Save menu in main menu while working. Using Save or top left arrow now updates the 'cloud' located file. If you import from cloud, it like starting a new file and edits will again only be sandboxed and may be lost.

Hope that helps :)

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.3  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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@DM1 This is immensely helpful and clarifies some of the documentation and tutorials I have seen.  Many Thanks!!!

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