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1.7 Beta locks up my Mac

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I cannot explicitly identify the activity that locked up my Mac (Mac Pro, mid-2010, 10.14.2, 10 gig ram, two ssd drives) other than I was working with the clone brush at the time that I realized that there was a problem..

My symptoms are as follows:

Mouse moves on the screen, however there is no response to a right click or a left click, unable to scroll or select another brush 

Quit (CMD +Q) does not respond

Escape does not respond  (OPT + CMD + ESC)

Pushing the power button does not respond

Only way to regain control is to "pull the power cord" and then go thru the cold start process

BTW, the straight line clone brush is erratic; some times it works as expected, while it goes off on a diagonal (similar to the problem with 1.6.7), there are also times when nothing seems to happen (get the cross hair on the sampled area, and when I click on the target area, I see a cross hair on the target, but when I shift + click nothing happens).  I found that if I change the brush and then go back to the clone brush, the straight line clone will work.


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Have a similar problem with my PC when I use my Wacom Intuos tablet. When I try to resize the Brush with Stylus/Pen, the program feeze. Only with the APh Customer Beta. Have a problem in version 1.6.135 with tablet, but does not Freeze like the Beta. I run Win 10 and 16Gig Ram 

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Hey Big_Stan,

It's a bit worrying that you have to pull the cable out... 

I'm not sure if this issue is hardware related. The oldest device we have is a late 2013 iMac which gets used regularly. What is your Display setting set to in Preferences > Performance?

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Thank for your response.  1.6.7 does NOT give me any problem other than the straight line clone stamp problem.  ALL of my other S/W is fine (including Lightroom and Photoshop).  The only problem I am experiencing is with Affinity Photo 1.7.0 Beta. Since my Mac pro and my Dell monitor are working perfectly with all of my other S/W, I believe that it is a safe assumption to say that the problem is with 1.7.0.

I am a fan of AP and want to continue to use it, but please fix this problem before the final release.

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3 hours ago, Big_Stan said:

I believe that it is a safe assumption to say that the problem is with 1.7.0.

While there may or may not be a problem with 1.7.0 related to this, NO APPLICATION SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOCK UP A COMPUTER TO THAT EXTENT.

If your computer locked up hard while using the application, the operating system failed to prevent that from taking place.  Either there is a bad driver in play, or there is a bug in some component of the operating system.

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The crash with AP Beta 1.7 has reoccurred.  The freeze happened, while I was performing several extensive cloning operations (I guesstimate about 10) in order to fine-tune a cloned area on an image.  In my case, there was an annoying green sign in the middle of my image that I wanted to remove and I was creating / blending a background to fill-in behind the sign’s former location.

When the freeze-up occurred, I lost the ability to accomplish a mouse click.  The screen cursor still responded, but I was unable to get a left-click to function (I did not explicitly attempt a right-click).  I never received a crash report, the click button on the mouse just stopped responding. This time, I was able to shut down with the button on the front of my Mac.

After I shutting down and restarting, I went back to Capture One and then sent the image to CS6 in order to accomplish the desired modifications to the image.  While using PS, I performed a greater number of cloning operations and did not experience a freeze.  I was using the Beta 1.7 because I needed straight-line clones. Later-on I played with 1.6.7 to see if I could make it crash, I did not experience any freeze with AP 1.6.7 although there were no straight-line clones involved with 1.6.7.

I am not experiencing freezes with any of my other S/W.  The crash only occurs while I am using AP Beta 1.7 and seems related to cloning.

My OS is Mojave 10.14.2

Hardware Overview:

  Model Identifier:                               MacPro5,1

  Processor Name:                              Quad-Core Intel Xeon

  Processor Speed:                            2.8 GHz

  Number of Processors:                    1

  Total Number of Cores:                   4

  L2 Cache (per Core):                        256 KB

  L3 Cache:                                         8 MB

  Memory:                                           10 GB

  Boot ROM Version:                

  SMC Version (system):                    1.39f11

  SMC Version (processor tray):        1.39f11

  Hardware UUID:                               43319449-4687-5D53-BF04-9CB74406D57C

Radeon RX 580 GPU



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Today I found a posting (https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62181607) on DPreview that confirms the lock-up/freeze problem that I have been experiencing with AP 1.7 Beta on a 2010 Mac Pro using OS 10.14.2.  

The symptoms that I have are:  I can still move the cursor and the app force-quitting window does not open.

As I previously reported, my problem manifests itself while I am performing extensive Clone Brush actions and I can only recover control of my computer if I "push the white button" and manually shut-down. I do not get the freeze with 1.6.7, but 1.6.7 has its own problem with the Clone Brush.

Hope this helps you guys focus on the problem area and achieve a fix prior to the final release.

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Do you have remote shell access enabled on that Mac (to log in from another computer using a terminal session), and access to another computer or a tablet or similar to try to connect?

Information here: https://www.booleanworld.com/access-mac-ssh-remote-login/

Also of interest: https://www.engadget.com/2010/07/12/terminal-tips-unfreeze-your-mac/


Trying to access the Mac remotely when it locks up should help to identify how much of the OS is locked up - it might just be the GUI (window server) that is locked up for example.  It may not be a work-around or a fix for the problem, but it may be of diagnostic interest at least.

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26 minutes ago, Big_Stan said:

Thank you.  When it happens again, I will try your suggestion and post the results.

Sure, but note that shell access is disabled by default and needs to be enabled before the freeze takes place if you haven't enabled it already.  Once it is frozen you won't be able to perform those steps until after it is too late.

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I posted the problem/symptoms on DPreview and received the following response:

Anytime macOS locks up, hangs or crashes it is generally the fault of the OS, hardware or configuration. Except for kernel extensions, a user-mode app should never be able to destabilize, lock up, or crash the OS.

Each app exists in a totally isolated address space -- the very purpose of a protected-memory OS.

If it only happens with one app, that app is hitting something in the API "surface" which found a defect in the underlying system layer.  It really should be reported to Apple -- they are responsible for macOS reliability.

If the app is leaking memory, the OS can slow down but unless you run out of paging file space (which is a config issue), you should be able to kill the app with either Activity Monitor or terminal. If you can't kill it with terminal, that's usually the system's fault and can only be broadly corrected at the system level.

I'd suggest asking Serif do they have any other reports of this? Every support call they get should be logged, indexed and searchable by all support reps.

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