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Value adjustment without screen-border constraints

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I use the mouse to click & drag values a lot.
Like layer opacity for example, but the problem is that my cursor hits the edge of my display before the value hits its min or max value. So If I have a 30% layer opacity and click and drag the opacity value to the right to increase it to 100%, I hit the screen edge at say 70%, then have to repeat the operation to get to 100%.

Would be a whole lot easier to allow the mouse to keep moving past the edge of the screen and re-appear at the opposite edge. So the screen edges are 'connected' and allow to drag the value to it's min or max without being hindered by an arbitrary constraint like a screen edge. Feature is available is quite a lot of software, would be nice to see it here.

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Hi nrx, and welcome to the Affinity forum!

I agree, but I would say it's better to keep the cursor hugging the edge. blendr.png.79208ad9eb76fc60105b19afbeadb6ac.pngBlender uses the wrap-around approach in the 3D viewport and I don't like it because it's not always predictable where the cursor ends up and I have to find it again if I was looking at something else (i.e. the effects of the parameter change).


E.g. if I change a value by 250 the cursor may end up at the right edge of the screen, but if I change a value by 251 it may end up at the opposite side. My hand cannot naturally tell the difference between those two movements. But if the cursor simply stopped moving, it would be close by or at least the distance would be proportional to the magnitude of my hand movement, bounded by the edge, and always in the same direction.

Alternatively the cursor could be fixed in place. Although it may feel a bit unnatural at first, I think this is still a better option than teleporting the cursor.


Complete Affinity suite; Mac 10.9; kbd & mouse; casual user since 2014.

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