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Frame Text Tool - Background Color

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With the "Frame Text Tool" is is possible to add and change the background colour of the text, but not of the text frame! I think, that is a bug. If you would like to have a text frame with centered text (the easiest example: a bigger square with one letter) you have to:

1. create a frame
2. change the background of these frame (and add transparency if you want, that is a thing, Indesign can't directly)
3. use the Frame Text Tool to add a letter and align it

After this it is no longer possible to edit the background of the frame. I think a look to Adobe Indesign and add a possibility to switch from textcolor/textoutline to frame backgroundcolor/outline.

But - Affinity Publisher will be great :-) Thanks a lot!


01 Affinity Publisher - That is the result i want.jpg

02 Affinity Publisher - Only that is possible directly.jpg

03 Affinity Publisher - That are the possibilities.jpg

04 Adobe Indesign - That is what i want.jpg

05 Adobe Indesign - That are the possibilities.jpg

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Welcome to the forums and happy new year!

It seems to me you want to change the frame background color, not the character background color. You can do this by switching to the Fill Tool (G) and selecting 'Context: Frame' or in the Text Frame studio.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 00.04.29.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 00.12.20.png

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Ah, there is one more thing! ;-) 

Hawks solution works very well, but there is still a bug, because if i use the text frame panel and edit the background picture, i also can edit the transparency but there are no values!!! It's not precise and - of course - a no-go!



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