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Export fails, no useful error message.

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I asked the export function to save the export in a different folder, bad mistake. Now, no matter what I try, it will not export to pdf, It gets about 10% then fails. There is no useful error message, so I have no idea what to do. I've quit and restarted. Saved the file under a new name, tried letting the program decide where to save. Nada, nothing. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. 

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Hi celticfrog

I shall take it it fails f you try and export it to the same location instead of a different folder too? Also is it just exporting that document that is failing if you started a new document does that export to PDF fine? There is most likely and element in the file that is causing our PDF export to fail, would you be able to provide the document at all so I can look at isolating the causing factor?

You can use this link to upload the file



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I too am getting this error. Upon a lot of testing in various ways, (because I simply have to get this to a printer!) I came to realize that it stops the export when you choose any other option than "Rasterise: Everything" under Options. Of course the main reason to want to use PDF is that it should bring the vector information with it, so if you can get that resolved, the export should be OK.

That being said, displaying the reason for the error would also be most useful for us users!

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