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i like the design of the Affinity Designer very much. But there is one little thing that could be better. I don´t know why, but for me the thumbnail design in the layers section looks a bit old. Maybe this is because of the background in this box.

If you compare this for example to the layers section of Pixelmator, this looks much more new and fresh to me. The same goes for this "gear" thumbnails from the styles section ... pictures down below.


So maybe you could do a redesign of such thumbnails in a future update. I would love it!



Pixelmator - Styles.png

Affinity - Styles.png

Affinity - Layers.png

Pixelmator - Layers.png

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The Layers Studio of Pixelmator does look beautiful. I'm wondering though, how it behaves if you have many layers, including nested ones. It's always a trade off between recognisability (of individual layers) and room used (or waisted) for many layers. Having said that, it looks like there's room for improvement with the Affinity products.


By the way, in the Pixelmator forums there's always been a lot of complaints regarding the 'blackness' of their GUI. It still looks very black (but beautiful).

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