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AP- LIQUIFY PERSONA -hanging & freezing up.

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I have noticed that the AP liquify persona does freeze up and hang after extended use.

Typically, I start the work day by opening up Affinity Photo after powering on my Mac. ( incidentally, I am running a Mac workstation running Sierra OS and have 16 GBs of ram)

On any given day, I use the Liquify persona a lot,  repeatedly  going into it  and making adjustments  then closing out of Liquify.  I would say that within a 4-5 hr work period, perhaps half the time

might be in the Liquify persona, "sculpting" my painting. This is such a great tool!

Here's the issue, though.

Once I get to the point of having AP open for  over approx. 5 +  hrs. and having visited Liquify on and off throughout the day, its at that point when  the liquify persona becomes non responsive ,freezing up.

My solution is to close down AP and reopen it which seems to reset everything within AP and then the Liquify persona performs as expected.

Reminds me of the time, years ago when working with the 3D app. Softimage running on a SGI machine, I had to close out of Softimage every half hour and reopen the app because the software got 

so fragmented and began to generate unpredictable results.  Could this be the case with AP and the liquify persona? 

I can live with closing down AP to reset Liquify but thought that the developers might want to know about this issue.

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Hi @Gregory-CJ,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

Any chance you can give us more info about your workflow so we can try and replicate it?

What are the size and the file type of your image? 

Do you open any other projects in the meantime? If so, what do you with them? Do you close them? Do you leave them opened? 

Any chance you can try the beta with the same workflow and see if it happens again? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/19-photo-beta-on-mac/


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Hi Gabe,

Thanks for the reply.

On the average, my .afphoto file size  are 20 inches x 24 inches @ 300dpi. The number of layers can get up to around 25+ with several of the layers having

adjustments or masks. ( I know this might be pushing AP's resources) The file sizes vary from 450 MB thru to 700 MB.

I have one .afphoto file 20" x27" @ 300 dpi with 25 layers (lots of adjustments/masks ) which tops out at 1.7 GB  size. (and AP still works!!)

 Within my workflow, I may have a few other images opened at the same time as I work on the main image, but try to remember to close other images down once the main file  starts to grow in layers. If I know one particular file is huge then I will only have that image open in AP at that time to keep AP working nicely.

My computer specs are

Mac pro ( mid 2010 ) old

processor 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Ram 16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB


Is liquify persona performance   GPU or CPU based?

I assume  a newer computer with more Ram would enhance Iiquify's performance, right?


To reiterate, The liquify persona gets unresponsive after using it throughout a 4-5hr workday. It freezes up and hangs .  So far, my work around has been to close out of 

AP and restart which "resets" everything including the liquify persona which works like a charm.

Yes, I will try AP version 1.7  . It looks really good!

The symmetry tool looks very interesting and I will keep you posted to see if I run into the liquify persona issue.

One question,

Do you know if the smudge tool got any overhaul?    I use that tool exclusively for blending colors.

The reason I ask, is that I find for blending the smudge tool gives its best performance with the " basic brushes"  option selected.

And would like to see perhaps a broader range of brush settings that work well with the smudge tool.


Gregory Clarke-Johnsen


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HI again Gabe,

So Installed AP 1.7  beta and here is what I found.

Before testing the liquify persona on one of my images , I thought to do a simple test by creating a A4 document within AP ( 8.26" x 11.69 " @ 300 dpi.)

I created only one layer of painted color above the base layer and took the image into the Liquify persona.

With the default brush  size settings of  1024 px .,  the liquify tool  could move the pixels around but not smoothly,  liquify was challenged. It would not create 

a smooth, continuous path of distortion/transformation but rather a  jerky , hesitating transformation.

Then  by increasing the brush size to > 1500 px , Liquify would freeze and hang for some time, not allowing me to interact with the liquify UI.

Eventually it would unfreeze with the resultant transformation of the mesh suddenly snapping in to its new position.  ( not the fluid effect that one would hope to achieve 

with a liquify tool.)

Cancelling the liquify changes , I went back  to the original state of the image.

From there,  I  then went back into Liquify  and this time using a smaller brush size of ~265 px. I found that I could manipulate the image  but not as smoothly as one would like.  Attempting to increase the brush size to >1024 px. at this  point would cause liquify to freeze and hang and  became non functional.


Either my hardware is too old to handle this new code and /or the liquify tool needs work.

Liquify in AP 1.67

I  then created the same file size (A4) in version 1.67 and ran the image through the liquify persona.

With the default brush  size settings of  1024 px .,  the liquify tool  could move the pixels around but not smoothly , there was some resistance .

Increasing and decreasing the brush size and adjusting the other parameters  did not freeze up liquify.


the liquify persona does work for my needs in version 1.67.

Although, the liquify persona does start to freeze/hang after many hours of using AP and going in an out of  Liquify , as I mentioned in my first post.


Comparing Liquify tools

The liquify tool is more responsive in the Ipad version of AP , where it  almost effortlessly transforms the pixels. ( still some hesitation noticed)

The liquify tool performs:

adequately in the Mac desktop version vs. 1.67

needs work in the version 1.7


Procreate's liquify tool  works like magic and IMO , AP has a way to go to equal its performance.


Possibly,  new desktop computer hardware from my side would make a difference in Liquify's performance.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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Thank you for this. We do believe this might be a hardware limitation. We tried a similar workflow on a late 2012 mac, both beta and release and it works really smooth. However, on an early 2008 it started to hang after 10-15 strokes, while using the beta. 

You can try something else. In the beta version, go to Preferences > Performance and see if you can enable Metal . Restart the app and see if you notice any improvement. 

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