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Keyboard shortcuts lacking and ICC profiles importing

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Hello I just bought the new iPad with magic  Keyboard and pen V2. I  Am a very experienced photoshop user and want to work from my iPad as much as possible now that’s no longer a toy. I want to import and use specific ICC profile dedicated for CMYK printing and the most common calibration standard (G7 or Gracol 7) it is available in photoshop as a default installed profile Hopefully there is a way to do this. My next question and hope is to be able to have keyboard shortcuts for swapping tool functions like the Freehand Selection Tool, going from add to subtract from selection. In photoshop you can hold the option key to go from add to subtract. If no keyboard maybe a button on screen to do the same? I have another issue I cam across and that was gradients do not display correctly going from white to 100S% black showing a bunch of bad breaks, please sample images attached I used for testing.



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More keyboard shortcuts have been requested, hopefully more will be added, especially for the Selections persona in future updates. In reference to the gradients can you check the following. Open Preferences > General is Dither gradients enabled or disabled?

While in Preferences, if you switch to Colour you have an option to Import ISS Colour Profiles.

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Profiles imported Thank you! (Can't believe I did not see the import, classic case of hidden in plain sight!) Dither was ON but tried with it off for gradients and still have same issue but only appears to be in pure CMYK colours so far screenshots of a few channels uploaded. Thank you for the quick response.




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