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Like so many other new Affinity converts I've been an  Adobe user for over 30 years so I was delighted to find Affinity Photo and Publisher were real options to consider. I have been using Affinity Photo for several months and have found it does everything I need and more. Publisher looks like it will do the same once it's available.
However, I'm finding my workflow in Affinity Photo is a deal breaker at the moment, it's taking much longer to process many of my images. Some of this is possibly because I haven't found a way to do something that is available already but many could be caused by the way AP is designed
Slowing down workflow, A few examples
1. I often photograph 100 or so studio images at once and they need to be processed at the price I have been charging using Photoshop but that's not easy when it takes an extra day or more using Photo to.
Layer Clutter: In PS I do not have to use adjustment layers to make adjustments. I make a quick basic adjustment to contrast etc, colour is usually correct. I then use the lasso to select areas that need shadow or highlight work, fathering the selection, brightening or pushing shadow detail. Sometimes I mask out part of the background to place another image behind. After a few minutes doing this stacks of adjustment layers begin to pile up out the door. I have to keep flattening, which can be tricky if I've added another image or two. I haven't been able to  find an option to work on an image without using adjustment layers, is there one?
Panel Clutter: After making several adjustments I find piles of thumbnails on the Adjustment panel. I'm not sure why these don't collapse after I've used them, to get the adjustment sliders back to use again I have to collapse them manually anyhow. 
Inches: I use pixels when processing for internet and mostly inches for print if the destination is for USA printing. There seems to be no way to set a default to inches so I have to perform five clicks on every image. 
1 Select to Resize Document, 2 Select inches, 3 Select 300 dpi, 4 De-select  Resample, 5 Select Resize. If inches were a default option there would be zero clicks. I also find when I export an image that's set to inches the saved document reverts to pixels. For some reason this confuses digital print shops where inexperienced staff have no idea how to convert back to inches.
3, Scrolling: When I'm at high magnification selecting areas of an image the screen doesn't scroll when I come to the edge of the display as it does in PS. I have to pan out or grab the hard to see scroll bar. Another slowdown.
What Else?
Of course now we're hooked we always want more! 
Adobe Bridge? this is a major time saver.
Dreamweaver? Yes please
Meanwhile... with over 35 years using dozens of software systems Affinity is the only one that's actively asked me for my opinion. After reading all this you might regret making the invitation but... Too Late!

Thank you, Basil Williams


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