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AP cannot load tiff file after update to

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I posted this message in the iPad help forum, but thought that it may be more appropriate here, sorry for the double post.


“Just updated to on iPad Pro 10.5.

i can no longer load  tiff file.  It was working all along, but it loaded a tiff file as raw file.  The tiff file was created from my Fuji X-E3 compressed, which AP does not support.  But it was loading the tiff file before the update.

On a tiff file that was developed as a tiff, and is still in AP, it cannot be loaded any more, showing “error loading...”

How can I go back to the previous revision?”

Please help, as I am now forced to use my jpeg files, since AP cannot open my raw files, and now cannot open tiff. 

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Same problem here, I can't open any tif files ever since the last update. Not even the files created by AP for Ipad itself. Tried to do a stack of two tif files created from raws on the IPad just now. It shows them fine in the file selection dialog but as soon as I stack they are invisible. The document shows as 0*0 pixels.




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Same, with RAW files I could previously open. I’ve uploaded a video on another topic but it seems to be a memory issue with the raw engine behind the develop persona. Place image is also broken so seems to be the same code base. I did manage to load one smaller raw file I found on the internet but none of my files previously loaded into AP work anymore, which is why I suggest its a memory issue.. Thanks guys.

PS. Affinity Designer is still able to load my Raw files, so it seems the bug hasn’t made it to that codebase. Interesting.

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Hey guys,

This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed!

On 12/30/2018 at 8:18 PM, TonyHawthorne said:

Same, with RAW files I could previously open.

Do you have a RAW file that is failing for you that could attach please? Looking at the video I can see it is from a Canon EOS 5D Mk3, but the sample file I tried opened without an issue. 

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