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Layers Panel re: Pixel Brush "source" Identification: ui SUGGESTION

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I am a relative new user so not sure if I have overlooked something or if there is a solution or workaround.

Lets say I create a file which includes a dozen different brushes.  Days later I reopen AD and the file.  I see a brush on the canvas and want to draw some more similar brushes.  However, there can be many brushes shown in the brushes pane making it very hard to identify the brush that was used to create the brush earlier.

Could the name given to the Pixel Layer, when a brush stroke is applied, be annotated with the name used in the Brushes Pane (or as an option to do this in Designer's preferences)?  Or possibly, when a brush on the canvas is selected, the related brush in the Brushes Pane is highlighted (similar to what occurs in the Layers Panel) ?.

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