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Bug on spotted stroke circle while opening PDF files

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Hi Affinity Team, hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Here is an annoying bug remaining while opening PDF files containing spotted strokes circles: some spots are missing on left, top and right.

This bug was present in Affinity Designer 1.6.1 and is also present in the last Affinity Publisher Beta release.


Attached are the screen copy and the PDF file having the issue.

Steps to reproduce:

• File->Open… menu

• Select the PDF file (testPDF-ContoursPoints-V.pdf) and click OK   ;)



Kind Regards


Capture 2018-12-26 à 11.37.56.png


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Hi fmommeja,

Thanks for the file - I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development to see if they can do anything. I believe dashed lines can be a bit tricky to get accurate - Illustrator gives an even less accurate result!

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Hi Sean, thank you for the feedback. :)

I understand the trickiness of these kind of lines but I guess if you want actual Adobe CC users to switch to Affinity Suite, they need at least to be able to reopen the documents they made before…

As there's no InDesign file import available now, the only way to modify previous jobs is by opening the associated PDF files.

And I think people won't make the switch until they are totally assured that their previous work won't be lost. ;)

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