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Refund for Affinity Photo purchase

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Just downloaded it.   Takes 20 seconds to load.  Takes 20+ seconds to load a picture.  Several times simply froze up.  I uninstalled it.  How can I get a refund?


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Hi euclidpb - that annoys me too, but far outweighing that  -- is the results you can get and the support available.  Why not give it a try whilst things in limbo.  Might be one of the best decisions you have ever made!  JMTCW.

Jafa - Just Another Fantastic Aucklander


Windows 10

Affinity Photo 1.7

Nik Collection

Amd processor 6 Core,  8 Mgs RAM

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It might also be worthwhile to try to ask others here how you might solve the problems that you are having. You might mention the OS that you are using and the computer specs, etc as that will help to pin down what might be causing the problem. In addition the wonderful support staff here, there are tons of really useful users who will go out of their way to help to sove problems that others are having. Also, Jaffa offers some words of wisdom and I agree with him 100%!

Best regards,

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