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Hello all,

This is my first topic after many weeks from purchasing AP and AD, I love them and I'm very happy while working on them except some crashes.

Please check my screenshot, AP is crashes saying Runtime error! while windows showing a pop-up  that is AMD graphic driver not responding, but I have the only one stable driver from HP and only one that work properly on Win7 sp1 with all updates.

Any fix for this issue please!


My PC is: HP Pavilion g7-1050ek

• Windows 7 + SP1 + All updates

• SSD 240G + RAM 8GB

• Switchable graphics card Intel HD 4000 + AMD ati HD 6470m 1GB (Working with AMD graphic)

Thanks for any help and support in advance!

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Hi @Nadir,

It seems to be a problem with the graphics card drivers, as you can see from the balloon message in the bottom right corner. 

You can also try to install the latest Visual C ++. 

Try to disable aero and see if that fixes it. However, we require Desktop Windows Management Composition, rather than native Graphics drivers. This is natively on for Windows 8 and 10, but on Windows 7 this is most easily achieved by turning Aero ON. If you are not willing to turn the Aero theme on there is a work around described in this post, but any issues when running the software won't be logged unless they've been verified as still occurring with DWM Composition enabled.




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Hi Gabe, thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for my too late comment! As I said "I have the only one stable drivers from HP 'official driver' and only driver that works properly" but crashed with AP+AD programs, I tried to do your suggest by uninstalling and installing latest Visual C ++ but still crashing and stop working. However, I think the problem is of incompatibility between my graphic card drivers and the AP/AD programs, that only HP can help me for that with special modification on the special drivers and that will not happen, while the programs AP+AD works without this problem when I switch to Intel graphic card, it is OK and works for me until I find a solution or purchasing another PC.

Thanks again Mr Gabe.

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