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[By Design] Font looks terrible in Photo; PNG export not great either

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I want to preface this with the statement that I am not a professional designer, so I tend to use everything with whatever defaults they come with. 

I've been making a series of graphics in Affinity Photo, intended for use on Twitter so set to 1024 x 512 pixels. I noticed that the fonts were looking pretty terrible at any level of zoom other than 100%, but persisted because I have so little time to fuss about with stuff right now. I eventually copied the content over to Designer, and found that the fonts look beautiful at any level of zoom. Two of the images attached show identical files at 150% zoom, and you can see that the Designer one is much better than Photo. 

I'm also not massively impressed with the quality of the final PNG file come out of either program, (or, tbh, any of the other graphic file formats), as the text is not as crisp as I feel it should be at 100%, and very blocky and pixelated when zoomed even slightly. I always thought that PNG was best for text and line art. The PDF looks fab when zoomed, but of course, I can't share a PDF on Twitter or on Wordpress. 

If there are settings I should be using to get a higher quality PNG file, or that would fix the awful pixelation of text in Photo, I'd be very keen to hear what they are. 



Designer Advent 23 - Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier.png

Photo Advent 23 - Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier.png

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Hi @nefibach,

Welcome to the forums. 

There will be a difference in between Photo and Designer because one is a Raster software, one is a vector software. When using Photo, you will see the pixelation on the screen, which is expected above 100%. You only have a set number of pixels. Previewing them at a higher zoom level will still have the same number of pixels, but displayed at a larger scale ( hence the pixelation ). 

Designer, on the other hand, is a Vector software. By default, the text would be displayed as Vector rather than raster, so no pixelation will occur, regardless of the zoom level. 

Another fact is that you export as PNG. This is a raster format and once again, when zooming in past 100% you will see the pixels - perfectly expected. 

As you have discovered, PDF keeps the text as raster. 

We have closed this issue as "By Design". 



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3 hours ago, nefibach said:

Right, well, this has been some form of educational. What export option would you suggest for nicer text then, which is also sharable on Twitter? 

My guess: As PNG does not support vectors, you should export it at the exact size you expect to view it at. Or the maximum size the service allows.

Or, if they support SVG you could export in that format.

This really isn't about whether you use Affinity Photo or Designer or some other application. It's about the output format you're using. Raster images are always subject to degredation when zoomed 

-- Walt

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