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I believe it's not possible.

I guess InDesign also is not capable of that.

At least my printer gave me seperate templates for the photobook cover and inlay pages because of different bleeds.

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47 minutes ago, Goetz said:

I would like to create a CD sleeve as shown in the pdf. That means the first 2 pages as single pages with different bleeds (left an right) and pages 3 and 4 as faced pages and different height and different bleeds. Is it possible?


I would do this in Affinity Designer. You are able to define artboards of the required sizes.

I couple of months ago I designed a CD cover that way. To overcome the fact that some pages need to be upside down I created artboards all next to each other and turned these into symbols. The symbols were arranged as needed on the final layout on a seperat artboard.

You can even use the PDF as a starting point :)

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I think I would design it as normal 4 page publication and copy-paste resulting art to template file. Though I am not sure how to present the die cut lower part. Printer will tell.

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