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What are the chances of Designer getting an "egg shape" tool in the future?

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I think you could control it with two diameters, one width and two distances, as shown in the - very crudely drawn - attached image, where:
* The size of the blue dashed circles is controlled by the two red arrows;
* The middle convex/concave width is controlled with the orange arrow;
* The distances between the circles is controlled by the green arrows.

This would come in handy for all kinds of things, not just eggs: Cams; map pins; belts; chain links; superhero masks; ears; and probably many other things. I'm sure that people more creative than me could come up with better uses.

It's not particularly important to me personally, I just thought it might be useful.802187181_eggshapetool.thumb.png.da008eada4d77eb7d1b0a311eb05ea2b.png

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