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Live Filter (Denoise) Detail Slider, Reset Slider and Anti Aliasing

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I want to mention a bug, that persists a long time now.

The Live Denoise Filter.

The filter has two major problems:

First, it resets when you check the "extreme" checkbox and go under 50% - its irritating as hell.

Second, my personal favorite, because i have reported it numerous times, the detail slider - it does absolute nothing.


I have checked images pixel by pixel, befor and after, and they are identical. The screen maybe "flicker" a little bit when you change the slider - but its only an illusion.

I understand that the devs have only x time for y work - but - when someone post in the beta forum i expect that these bugs will be resolved.

Not in the next days, maybe not the next weeks, but now its over a year...

Iam myself a developer i know the problems that can arise, but when you cant fix it - please remove it.

Its not a good solution, expecially for new users.


The other thing is Anti Aliasing.

When you use uneven zoom levels, OVER 100%!, the anti aliasing is sometimes really bad in comparsion to Photoshop or Affinity Designer.

Are other rasterization methods used in Affinity Designer? Because when i import a image in AD -> no problems with anti aliasing.

When you view closely the attached images 1:1 you will see what i mean.



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i never used the menu for that filter - please use the live filter on the right side an you will see what i mean.

It seem there is a old internal "link" in the code base, to the methods used.



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Hello GabrielM,

i have tested the new beta and the issue remains.

Or will it be fixed in a next version?

Yours sincerely


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