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Dennis Nisbet

Suggestions for Affinity Photo

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I’ve been a PS user since version 2. I have their Creative Cloud Suite with access to all the programs. I really resent the monthly bill!  I resent even more their lack of response to obvious problems.

Here are some suggestions.

1.       Ability to change rulers to inches etc. and have the change become the default.

2.       Too many steps to display two images (or more) on the screen. Look at How Adobe does this!

3.       Drag and Drop from one image to another. Look at how Adobe does this. Copy and Paste isn’t the best way. Consider this; when the image is moved from its docked position, the box closes to the image bounds.

4.       VERY IMPORTANT – Photoshop has a tool called QUICK MASK. (For old guys like me it is a digital Rubylith.) While the Selection Brush Tool works very, it is sometimes faster and more efficient to quickly switch back and forth using the Quick Mask when doing cutouts.

5.       When using Refine Selection, there should be a selection button where you can SAVE the adjustments until you decide to change/quit saving.

6.       If I have a CUTOUT image and want to place the CUTOUT in another image there isn’t a way to just drag it into the image is there?

Also, here is something I just posted on the Adobe Family site.

The continuing battle and the SILENCE on the part of Adobe may be a great indication of where they are putting their emphasis. (it may also tell you where their head is!)
A better approach might be to purchase Affinity Photo, $50.00, and provide Affinity with input on what you want and don't want.
Just like Eastman Kodak did before they went bankrupt, Adobe knows EXACTLY what they are doing! 

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Hi Dennis,


there is a quickmask in AP, works like the one in PS. You find it in the middle of the top bar, or use the shortkey Q to toggle.

Greetings Ray

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It is not quite the same nor effective.

In Photoshop, if you are doing a selection with the selection tool and switch to Quick Mask, you are now working with a brush and have control over the edge softness. 

This may be possible in AP and I just haven't found out how.

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