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A Clip to Canvas Bug?

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Working through Designer

Currently reading about the Clip to Canvas item in the Help files. I have a few questions about display behavior:

  1. When I stretch a colored shape to reach beyond my artboard out to the boundaries of my 1/8" bleed, the colored shape is automatically clipped to the artboard. Why?
  2. When I follow the Help file instructions to deactivate "Clip to Canvas" (View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas), what I find is that the Clip to Canvas command is checked and greyed out (un-selectable). Is this a bug? Am I missing something?
  3. How does one show art extending out to bleeds?
  4. How does one show art on the pasteboard?
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It's not working yet with artboards - if you make a new document with bleed and don't add any artboard, you'll see the expected effects of 'show bleed' and 'clip to canvas' - has been reported as a bug already.

MacBook Pro M1 Max, macOS 12.6.1 Monterey
Affinity Designer : 2.0  Affinity Photo: 2.0,   Affinity Publisher: 2.0

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